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My Background

“I have worked with Charles Scott on legal matters.  He is well balanced and makes complicated situations understandable.  I trust his judgment.”


The Honourable William G. Davis, P.C., C.C., Q.C.

I have been very lucky in my career.  I have accumulated a lot of experience and experiences.  I have chased oil companies, I have gone after those who abused the banking and trust company systems, I have tackled a misbehaving hockey czar, I brought another hockey czar home to his family, I have acted on major corporate re-organizations and insolvencies, I have acted on both sides of the executive employment street, I have acted for and against foreign governments, I have acted for a loyalty card company and for airlines and airplane manufacturers, I have acted for the OSC, for the LCBO, for the Law Society, for cable companies, for developers, for The Children’s Lawyer, for Swiss and domestic banks, for a Swiss restaurant chain, for unions, for businesses, for several law firms, for railways, for telephone companies, for brokerages, for hockey players, for the federal deposit insurer, for prime ministers, for premiers and members of cabinet. I have argued in all levels of the courts in Ontario, in the SCC and in the superior and/or appellate courts of six other provinces. I was there at the start of the Commercial List and for 18 years thereafter.


I have been counsel and arbitrator on matters involving issues from patents, to departures from law firms and mine closing costs.


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